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a scare for some bay area residents after s.w.a.t. police swarm through a neighborhoodthat is a top story today at noon.
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people in a neighborhood woke up this morning to a police raid down the street as a s.w.a.t. team and other officers took three robbery suspects into custody. it was a california street and thomas avenue, not far from cherry street and central avenue. police said that they had arrest and search warrants for four people they believe had been involved in a crew that's committed armed robberies at liquor and convenience stores in new york, fremont and malpitas. they did not release the names of the suspects but are still looking for four persons. they saw officers from several police departments. >> they started kicking doors down, cops coming down the street. had a whole street lined up with police. i didn't know what was going on. i heard bangs, helicopters, see a whole bunch of stuff. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: police say in addition to the four suspects named in today's warrants, they may be looking for more people they believe are involved in this robbery circle. we are following a breaking
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story out of hayward where a natural gas pipeline break shut down an area. a crew broke the pipe. the leak was capped a short time ago and pg&e crews are working to reparrot damage which forced the evacuation of two fast food restaurants nearby. fire officials expect the roadway to be reopen in a couple of hours. the tech world is still reeling from the resignation of steve jobs. he will still have a role in the silicon valley power house. claudine wong joins us to explain what is next for the company. >> this media storm certainly continues over steve jobs' resignation from apple. i want to show you video of the
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media camp out. certainly, ever ione is watching stops and everybody is waiting to hear from jobs or his replacement tim cook. tim cook sent an e-mail to employees, promising that the best years are you ahead. >> he will be on stage, at the next event and then he will do what steve jobs has been dog, hand it over to the senior people who are in charge of those different products and showing how deep the bench really is in apple. >> reporter: that being said, no one is arguing that tim cookies steve jobs -- that tim cook is no steve jobs, but he sent an e-mail to employees. experts say that's the point where jobs is considered one of those people bigger than life. apple is now bigger than jobs.
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>> i think what steve jobs has done, he has helped build that vision into the dna of the company and into those executives. and so even if one guy is not going to have that vision and driving the company in the same way, i think as a whole, with all the different parts of apple, they're still going to have that vision. >> reporter: so what can we expect in the days ahead? well, new prosthesis are coming and that will take the focus off of who is in charge and on to what customers can expect on store shelves. live in san francisco, claudine wong. >> thank you, claudine. and we posted steve jobs' resignation letter on our website. you can find it on our home page, >> and looking at the stocks, apple is down, but only
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slightly. sellers are out in force ahead of feds chairman much inane 'tis paited comment tomorrow that will happen at the federal meeting in jackson hole, vying. taking a live look at the board, the dow down 162. the nasdaq is also down 46. s&p is down 17. one stock is doing very well today. shares of bank of america have been up as much as 24% after warren buffet's company invested $5 billion in the north carolina-based bank. buffet says that he considers b of a a strong company with good leadership n a similar move to seld gold man sachs. b of a stock is up exactly 10% at $7.69. san francisco police are circulating a sketch of the person who beat another man in a case of fan violence at candlestick park last saturday. they say the man is a heavy set 6'0" tall samoan or patching
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islander with a goatey. he grabbed the victim by the neck and slammed him against the wall. other violence at the game included the shooting of two fans in the parking lot and the arrest of a dozen people. zonings is welcoming back almost two dozen firefighters today. the group was rehired last month thanks to a federal grant. new at non, tear ya moriarty joins us live from the ceremony at the training center to explain why this is so important. >> unusual circumstances. that's how san jose's mayor referred to the reinitiation. it's not on that you see firefighters fired and thenrehired. that's what exactly happened here. they were laid off last summer due to city budget cuts but things to a $15 million fema grant, they will be back on duty tomorrow and it could not
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come sooner for this group. >> i'm excited to get back on line, just getting back and helping out. it's a great day. i can't believe how many people showed up for this. >> congress com crew thanked the people for their congress. >> when there is somebody who has fallen on the street and you come and do emergency medical treatment. when there is a fire burning and people are afraid, you run in. >> reporter: 49 firefighters were laid off last month. 39 of them were hired by contra costa county. the rest of them are back here. >> thank you, tara. attorneys for barry bonds are back to federal court to ask the judge to throw out the
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conviction of lying to a jury. in a lighter moment, they wrote a message on a billboard and sent it to him. they would not say what they wrote. the u.s. military says it is only conducting aerial surveillance in libya to protect citizens and is not engaged in a manhunt for muammar qaddafi. libyan rebels are control at least part of the former compound and new video shows i am ma'ams from inside the long- time ruler's home. it has been ransacked by rebels and is now covered in graffiti. plumes and smoke can be seen in a part sifty. sarah sidner ace reporting in tripoli. she says it's difficult to determine who is in control. >> reporter: the situation is always changing here in tripoli. one moment, everybody says that rebels have control of 90% of
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the city, and the next moment, we hear there are some serious problems in sections that they said they were in control of. things change quickly. >> overnight, rebels celebrated with fires works and gunfire. qaddafi's whereabouts are still unknown. he has not been seen in public in more than two months. hurricane irene is turning into quite a monster, taking aim at the east coast as the first major hurricane to strike that region in seven years. towns and cities along the coast are bracing for that hit along with the u.s. navy which is moving dozens of ships away from that area. the storm is expected to hit on saturday in north carolina. it will chen chug up the east coast, dumping rain from virginia to new york. east coast refineries are
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preparing for the possibility of disruption which could push fuel costs higher. >> a view from space gives you an idea of how vast the storm is. irene is enormous, measuring about 500 miles across. the eye was well defined when this video was well taken. ahead, what's being said today about land at thnation's capital, including the washington monument, and the damage. i was on the wait list for a few months and i got in. i don't know why. >> uc berkeley students returned to campus today. we'll tell you the good news they learned today despite the university's financial issue.
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crews have put out a raging tanker fire in placer county and residents are returning home today. the fire burned itself out before midnight last night and crews lit up the tank to burn off remaining vapors. people were evacuated, including 6000 students who missed the first day of class >> it's not clear how it caught fire. >> we now know the names of two men suspected of trying to rob an armored car yesterday morning in pinole. investigators say that police shot and killed pierre daniel and wounded his brother freddie after they tried to hold up a loomis truck outside a wells fargo. officers took freddie daniel into custody at a hospital where they say he went to seek treatment. now, police santa rosa wants to know if the two men were the men who took the armored car company in august 11th. police won't say how much money
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those teaches got away with. the hassani campbell case will be featured on comcast. his foster father, ross reported him missing. police arrested ross and the aunt but never charged them. a report about the case will appear on comcast cable's program, missing kids on demand. comcast will produce the show in partnership with the national center for missing and ex-employed children. federal regulators are proposing rules in response to the and bruno pipeline explosion that could have a major impact on pg&e. under the new proposed rules, older pipelines such as the one that exploded last year in san bruno will have to undergo pressure testing. transmission pipelines in rural areas will get the same attention as urban areas. gas companies will no longer be allowed to leavedefective pipe
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wells in place. 2/3 of the pg&e pipelines dade back from before 1970 and hundreds of miles have never undergoing to pressure tests several community groups are suing the city of san francisco on a battle over cable boxes. they are attempting to stop or at least slow down a t t's plan to install more than 700 u verse boxes. the lawsuit would force the city to do a full environmental impact. city officials say that the study is not necessary. the boxes would house cable tv, high speed internet. critics say that the boxes are an eyesore. >> the campus at uc berkeley is adding classes. despite the budget short fall of 60 million-dollar, uc berkeley has enough money in reserve to cover that shortfall for two years so it has added
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hundreds of classes. >> i wanted to take a real estate class here. i think it's usually open to only base students. i was on the wait list for probably a few months and then they just said i got in. i don't know why. >> uc berkeley officials say that the money is coming from a number of sources, including efficiency measures that cut 150 jobs last year, an increase of out-of-state students who pay triple the tuition. once again this year, ktvu and our parent company, cox exhibit prices have sought out peoplededicating themselves to pre -- cox entreprises have sought out people dedicating themselves to better outdoor. bill martin has the story of this man who has dedicated his life to making his neighborhood a better place. >> reporter: the sign says dead end you but, it is a new
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beginning. it started in 2001 when two neighbors started planting a small garden in what was a garbage-filled area. >> it was a couple of drug houses. people walking in and out at night like zombies. >> it was a civil act from smith that called him into this. >> i had to go through a throng of people who were scary. annette came over and hugged me and pointed out that she had planted some flowers along this little strip of dirt along this driveway. i stopped in my tracks. one person to do something out of love for a neighbor that made such a difference in my experience in the neighborhood. >> reporter: from a median strip garden lined with historic date palms -- >> dates that have some meat in them. >> reporter: the project has led to at least 20 backyard gardens. >> strawberries.
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>> a network of some other 30 other projects which offers a safe haven for children 0 play. chris walding says this shows that opportunities exist before them. >> the community spirit just permeated throughout the entire area. >> the real change is not what is growing in the garden but the stir it up connectedness that is apparent in this mural which grows in the heart of this community. >> the legacy is that people will have a just and thriving place to live. >> reporter: bill martin, ktvu channel 2 news. >> he is one of five fox conserve heroes being highlighted. you can vote for your favorite by going to the aftershocks continue on the east coast. the u.s. gs reports at least 7 after shocks since the quake hit virginia. two of them hilt earlier today.
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the first quake was centered outside the town of mineral about 80 miles outside of washington, d.c. engineers spotted more cracks in the washington monument in addition to the huge crack here the top. the washington monument will remain closed until repairs are finished. and the quake damage at washington nationalcathedral forced a change of plan in the national events. organizers must now find a new site for the memorial honoring martin luther king. tracking a fog bank. you can see looking out towards the bay, we still have overcast skies. temperatures are beginning to recover a bit. right now on the maps, here is the coverage for the entire coast line here pushing through the bay. san francisco and even out towards richmond, oakland and berkeley at last check. here is a look at the forecast
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story. it will be cooler than yesterday. for tomorrow, cool coast, warm temperatures inland ant weekend will gradually warm things up but not much. here is a look at the current numbers. san francisco, 62 degrees. we had some 70s to report up in santa rosa, fairfield, concord and livermore. san jose reporting 72 degrees. here is the source of the cooldown or one of the sources. the fog bank here. not much of a recovery. still patchy fog. temperatures on the cool side. skies becoming partly sunny and inland neighborhoods, clearing sides and temperatures on the warm side. here is an update on hurricane irene. category 3 with winds at 115 miles per hour moving to the north - northwest at 13. here is the convenient track. potentially approaching as a
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category 3. this track could change but that's the latest coming out of the hurricane center. our forecast for today, the clouds coming back to near the short line but still some leftover patches this afternoon for san francisco. more sunshine inland and then the clouds regrouping as we do take this into the evening hours. forecast highs, here we go, san francisco, 64. bendwood, right around 89 degrees. san jose, 79. these numbers are about 3 to 6 degrees cooler than yesterday's readings. here is a look ahead at your extended forecast with your weekend always in view. temperatures a little bit cooler for your friday and we gradually warm things up for the weekend and possibly cooler into next week for monday. tory, this time of the year, into august, we have warmups across the bay area, nothing showing up just yet, just minor changes. but hold on, september is wet.
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>> yes. hold on. caught in the act. police want you to look at photos to help catch vandals. and there is something that the golden gate bridge needed for decades. we'll tell you why there was a delay. ñw?
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>> once again, taking a live look at the big board on wall street as sellers are still holding strong right now ahead of the key address by ben
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bernanke. the dow down 120. s&p down 12. nasdaq down. crews have not laid down a single coat of paint in the past two weeks on the golden gate bridge because of the morning fog. the fog creates moisture which makes the paint too wet to stick. crews have given the bridge cable their first complete paint job since the bridge opened 75 years ago and the work is more than just cosmetic. the paint hems protect thousands of cables that keep the bridge in place. fairfield police want your help in identifying a graffiti vandal. this video shows a boy vandalizing. a previous video showed the same boy in another area running away with what appears to be a girl.
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>> flood weakly records that the city proposes a new system of signs directing people to the garages. there will also be better pricing for garage permits. surveys shows occupancy permits at some garages is only a half to 2/3 full. the bay area is all feeling the fallout of hurricane irene on the east coast. looking live at wrightsville beach in north carolina, there are clear skies now but they are bracing for hurricane here in north carolina. flights are already delayed. more travel trouble expected the next 24 hours. >> that story and more coming up on the nextnewscast. thanks for watching.
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some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]
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